Tips to avoid germs in your home.

So I want to preface this by saying I am not a complete germophobe nor do I douse everything in antibacterial gel BUT there are some simple steps I do take which I think make a big difference in my life.

Every day when I get home the first thing I do is wash my hands. I catch public transport which is where you catch the most germs and in Winter I feel like everyone is sick so I just like to make sure I don’t bring that home.

When I am at the gym, as soon as I finish my workout I wash my hands, gyms are filthy and I do not want to bring that home with me.
Then I get home I take my shoes off, I never used to get that or understood why people did that, but when you think about it, you can walk through anything out there, every day and when I think about it, it really grosses me out. Plus, I am a big nanna slippers fan. I am often on my feet all day and having something soft and fluffy to put my feet in when I get home makes me feel more relaxed.
I really feel like these 2 steps make a huge difference.
Do you have any “clean” habits?

With Love,

Miss chew

Tips to curb your sugar cravings

Hi everyone,

Sugar cravings, fun huh? Not! The burden of why so many people drop off the healthy eating/ weight loss bangwagon. That irresistible desire to eat chocolate, chips, ice-cream is just too strong… they call or as a friend told me, they scream at you from the kitchen. I know this is something that I personally have struggled with over the years and I thought I would share with you my top tips to gain back your control.
Have a drink to break it up… during the day, before say lunch time, if I think I am still hungry, or want something sweet but I know I shouldn’t I will have a small coffee, the taste of the coffee seems to cut it out and I move on.
In the afternoon/ evening I will have a tea, something like chai, or a milky tea, or peppermint, I find these types of flavours mean it distracts my brain from going there. Chai for me, really hits the sweet spot.
Also just the motion of having a large cup of water can often help as quite often when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty.
Next is to carry gum or mints on you to have when these creep up on you, or at night time, after dinner if you know this is a hard time for you then go straight to brushing your teeth. Who wants to eat straight after you brush?
When I do eat sweets, I prefer to find something healthier, like fruit for example, some blueberries, or raspberries. If I do have chocolate I have dark chocolate just a couple of squares and I nibble it, lame I know, but it’s super strong. Sometimes I will actually have it every other night and I know when people offer me sweets during the day that the night time is when I have it any enjoy it. I sit in bed with a cup of tea and a book or my favourite show and then I eat it and mindfully really enjoy it. I think that’s key, is to really be mindful with your sugar cravings and to eat mindfully.
The next tip is to have a cheat meal that includes dessert! This is where I am at, at the moment due to my training. I save it, I savour it and really look forward to it. I think about it during the week, and plan it, it really gets me through, last week was a doughnut from doughnut time, totally worth the wait!
But you know what, be prepared! I include something “sweet” within my day to day meals to ensure my blood glucose levels are stabled. I have bananas and chocolate flavoured protein powder, it’s the little things that when planned in will make the world of difference. Using your food, you prepared, means you know what is in them and can really help to stay on track.
So there are my top tips, here is the thing, it does get easier, my cravings have become fewer and far between, but you know what, sometimes it’s going to be hard. Sometimes, you are going to not be able to shut out that yelling. So you can only do your best, we are all human.
Best of luck!
Do you have any tips to curb your sugar cravings?
Miss chew

My Health Story- becoming Vegan

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be really important to do a post about my story as my journey has been a complex one. My health has had many ups and downs over the years. I am generally really healthy until I am not and something normally sends me to hospital every couple of years. The common thread for me has always been digestion issues. This all came to a massive head 6 years ago when my gallbladder died a horrible death and had to be removed. I had what is called as a gallbladder attack, where I was in excruciating pains, but I didn’t have gallstones, this made my case much harder to diagnose. After many tests the Doctors where finally able to figure out that my gallbladder had zero percent gallbladder function and it had to come out. I thought my problems would end there, but I was wrong…

What then came was 5 years of horrible digestion problems, and I could just never get “well”. I tried to eat really healthy, had low sugar, lots of veggies and protein, meats, and salads but nothing did the trick. I had chronic irritable bowel syndrome. This basically meant up until 11am everyday my digestion/bowels/life was a mess… I had so much pain and discomfort and was on and off on prescription medication, not living a very happy life. When I was living in London I decided to do a detox for a month and cut out animal products, just going vegan for a month and within days my symptoms that had plagued me for years resolved…

It was then I realised that not having a gallbladder anymore meant that my body could not handle animal products anymore. It was a bit of a shock to my system, if nothing other than my love for cheese but I realised how amazing I felt right now was completely worth it. So there I had it, I was vegan. The longer that I was vegan my whole attitude changed, the way I thought about animals now meant that I didn’t want to have any part in them being harmed for my own wellbeing. So I stopped wearing/buying leather and looked more and more into the animal products that crept into my life. I watched a lot of documentaries and read a lot of books, listened to podcasts about how to be a healthy vegan and what I need to eat to get my nutritional requirements. Going vegan is a huge life adjustment, you need to learn your quick go-to breakfast, lunches and dinners, but eventually it just gets easier.

I am not one of those vegans who turn their nose up at people eating meat around them, nor do I try and make other people go vegan or get all up on my high horse about it. My boyfriend eats meat; I have no problem with this. I just know what makes my body feel good and that is a big part of my message is finding what suits your body. So yes my recipes will be plant based but please know this comes from a happy, healthy place.

I will share more about my journey as we go along, thank you for reading.

Have you ever tried eating plant based or are you vegan? What made you make the switch?

Miss chew x

How to get rid of your cold FAST

So you have woken up and your throat is killing, it feels like you are swallowing razor blades and your whole body feels achy and your nose is blocked then you remember how everyone at work has been getting a cold and you realise… you are next…. Oh no!! What do you do?

I hate getting sick, ain’t nobody got time for that… so I take a very aggressive approach to getting better as fast as possible as if anything I am only usually sick for a couple of days and then I am on the mend. I thought I would share with you my prescription which I have given many friends and family to get better fast.

First off you need to discover Sambucol. This magic purple liquid will be your new best friend. Sambucol is from the plant Sambucus nigra or Black elderberry and (tastes like Ribena berry) and has been shown to clinically shorten the life of your cold. It actually inhibits the viruses from replicating in your body as we should all know a cold is a virus, which is why antibiotics do not work. Sambucol works the best when you get onto it within the first 48hours of getting sick.

So first off you need to get this product, I use the liquid bottle, which you can get from most chemists now and it is really important for this to work effectively you need to get on to this within the first 48 hours of you getting sick, I try within the first 24 hours. Then I take a swig of the bottle about 4 times a day, I carry it around like a juice box. It is the best thing I get!

Next I get Vitamin C and I get the 1,000mg supplements. Vitamin C is your other best friend due to its immune enhancing and anti-viral properties and it really make a big different to our immune status. When it comes to vitamins you either have fat soluble or water soluble vitamins, this relates to how the vitamins are broken down in your body. Water soluble vitamins means they are broken down and excreted in your urine and will not build up in your body, so you will just excrete it which means you cannot overdose on the vitamin C. Fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, F and K need the presence of fat to break them down, but they also get stored in your body, so these you need to be careful with. That’s why when you have your multivitamin for example, you should have it with food. Back to vitamin C I would suggest you have 2,000-3,000mg every 4 hours whilst you are not feeling well, especially in the beginning.

Otherwise, having foods rich in colourful vegetables and fruits as well as hot lemon tea drinks with honey, if that’s your thing will really help to give you loads of nutrients. I cannot get enough hot lemon water.

And lastly, water, water, water! You need to keep up the fluids to flush out the toxins in your body!

Good luck and rest up!

Do you have any other tips you find works?

With love,

Miss chew