Active Living- Why an office job is bad for your health and how to change it.


We now know that sitting down all day is the new smoking. Scary right? How many of us have an office job and sit for 8 + hours a day, every single day, we drive to and from work, and then we sit down on the couch all night watching TV. Without even realising it we have not moved all day, this sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to our heath. Being active for me is a way of life, why is that? Because I choose to make it that way, I make it my priority, I also chose to constantly find ways to incorporate it into my life that makes exercise fun and not a chore. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a set amount of weight training and HIIT sessions per week, but everything else is additional.

So I thought I would share with you some ways in which I have incorporated this into my life.

As I work and study and am a generally busy person with all my business ventures I get 1 day off a week, so I really like to make the most of it. I get up a little earlier and try walk at least 4 days a week. On weekends when I have a day off my boyfriend and I walk to a nice cafe to have brunch and so it’s part workout, part good food.

If I have had a particularly stressful or emotional day I will finish off my day with a brief night time walk, it really clears my head before I go to bed and really helps my sleep when I know I would toss and turn all night.

When I get to the train station, rather than sitting and waiting for the train/ bus I walk up and down the platform or around the area whilst I wait.

Whilst I am cooking my dinner or waiting for the kettle to boil I might do calf raises or squats, just to move my body.

I have a FitBit Charge 2 and track my daily steps. I try to get an average of 15,000 per day. I find having a visual representation of my step count really helps to motivate me. Plus, I am in multiple weekly and weekend challenges, and I am very competitive. If you have an office job, the Fitbit will buzz you to move every hour just to remind you to walk around the office, which I know I can get stuck studying and have many hours flown by and I haven’t moved, so this really helps.

All of these little exercises really add up throughout the course of the day.

Do you think you could incorporate some of these into your daily routine? Do you work in an office job?

With Love,

Miss chew


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