Behaviour Modification techniques for weight loss to achieve lasting results


Many of the reasons that lead us to this unhealthy place included a lot of bad habits. The trick to long lasting change is to implement simple behaviour modification techniques for weight loss that will ensure you make the right decisions. Bad habits have become what comes to us naturally, takeaway when you are too tired to cook, being so busy at work you eat in a rush, in your car, at your desk… Feeling so tired you get a chocolate bar from the vending machine, or a muffin at 3pm… We all do it, but life doesn’t have to be this way. I think sitting down and reflecting on your past week and focusing on planning for the new week with some simple steps put into place can help make lasting change.

Here are some simple behaviour modification techniques for weight loss that you can try to implement:

  • Keep food diary and record all food intake, this is really helpful to become aware of what you are consuming.
  • Keep an exercise diary- again also to track what physical movement you do each day.
  • Plan food intake for each day, message a friend of family member the plan for the day to help you become accountable.
  • Sit down at a table while eating, put away your phone and really become mindful of your eating.
  • Eat in much small mouthfuls and if you use a spoon use a teaspoon.
  • Rearrange your schedule to avoid rushed eating.
  • At a party, eat beforehand and position yourself at a distance away from the snack foods and substitute lower kilocalorie drinks for alcohol.
  • Avoid boredom and keep a list of activities on the refrigerator to keep you preoccupied instead of eating.
  • Chart your progress, create a vision board of why you want to become the healthiest version of yourself.
  • Make an agreement with yourself or a significant other for a meaningful reward.
  • Do not reward yourself with food, when you reach a weight loss goal have other rewards like a massage or a shopping splurge to motivate you.
  • Try to be the last one finish eating when you sit down to family dinner.
  • Put your cutlery down in between each mouthful.
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or mindfulness, to help you relax throughout the day.
  • Initially moderate exercise levels of exercise for 30-45 minutes 3-5 days per week should be encouraged. This can be a brisk walk to start off with.
  • It is really important to increase your water intake before, during and after exercise as well as throughout the day, carry a water bottle with you at all times to sip on.

So now do you see how simple measures and planning can really make a big difference to your weight loss?

Can you think of any other behaviour modification techniques for weight loss that I can add to this list?

With love,

miss chew



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