Hair- Why it is important to brush your hair everyday, and what happens if you don’t.


How often do you brush your hair?

For me brushing my hair is a no brainer, maybe that is because I always had long hair, and it gets knotty. But, there are girls I know that wake up, straighten their hair with their GHD and off they go. Sometimes not even, it’s just up in a bun and away they go. Don’t get me wrong occasionally I get bit naughty if I trained in the evening then was training the next morning, I know I am not perfect.

But did you know that as you brush your hair you are redistributing the beautiful oils your scalp produces down the lengths of your hair?

This process actively cleanses your hair and eliminates waste materials and other materials that gather up and stick to the scalp. It helps stimulate the blood capillaries, which increases the blood circulation and transportation or nutrients to the stem, root and bulb of each hair follicle.

Brushing the hair also helps stimulate various oils and hormone producing glands, this helps in keeping the pores of the hair and scalp open, helping them retain their oils. By brushing your hair you also ask shine and volume to your hair.

Are you convinced yet? Since my hair is uncoloured, and I eat a diet rich in healthy fats, with lots of fruits and vegetables so I get enough vitamins and minerals my hair is always so shiny and healthy. The ends do not get split and it remains strong. But I do truly think that through giving it a brush morning and night it’s a way of maintaining its health.

Also be careful when brushing your hair when it’s wet, if you do brush it then, use a wide tooth comb. And try find a brush with natural bristles.

Be kind to yourself and your hair.

With love,

Miss chew


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