7 easy tips to curb your sugar cravings, without ruining all you fun!


Sugar cravings, fun huh? Not! The burden of why so many people drop off the healthy eating/ weight loss bangwagon. That irresistible desire to eat chocolate, chips, ice-cream is just too strong… they call or as a friend told me, they scream at you from the kitchen. I know this is something that I personally have struggled with over the years and I thought I would share with you my top tips to gain back your control.

  1. Have a drink to break it up… during the day, before say lunch time, if I think I am still hungry, or want something sweet but I know I shouldn’t I will have a small coffee, the taste of the coffee seems to cut it out and I move on.
    In the afternoon/ evening I will have a tea, something like chai, or a milky tea, or peppermint, I find these types of flavours mean it distracts my brain from going there. Chai for me, really hits the sweet spot.
  2. Have a large cup of water, quite often what we think of as hunger we are actually just thirsty. So try making sure you are nice and hydrated throughout the day.
  3. Next is to carry gum or mints on you to have when the sugar cravings creep up on you, or at night time, after dinner if you know this is a hard time for you then go straight to brushing your teeth. Who wants to eat straight after you brush?
  4. When I do eat sweets, I prefer to find something healthier, like fruit for example, some blueberries, or raspberries.
  5. Sometimes I will actually have dark chocolate, just a few squares of good quality chocolate, but I will have it every other night and I know when people offer me sweets during the day that the night time is when I have it and enjoy it. I sit in bed with a cup of tea and a book or my favourite show and then I eat it and mindfully really enjoy it. I think that’s key, is to really important to be mindful with your sugar cravings and to practice eat mindfully.
  6. The next tip is to have a cheat meal once a week that includes dessert! This is where I am at, at the moment due to my training. I save it, I savour it and really look forward to it. I think about it during the week, and plan it, it really gets me through, last week was a doughnut from doughnut time, totally worth the wait!
  7. But you know what, be prepared! I include something “sweet” within my day to day meals to ensure my blood glucose levels are stabled. I have bananas and chocolate flavoured protein powder, it’s the little things that when planned in will make the world of difference. Using your food, you prepared, means you know what is in them and can really help to stay on track.

So there are my top tips, here is the thing, it does get easier, my cravings have become fewer and far between, but you know what, sometimes it’s going to be hard. Sometimes, you are going to not be able to shut out that yelling. So you can only do your best, we are all human.

Best of luck!

Do you have any tips to curb your sugar cravings?

Miss chew

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