Facing my GREATEST fear of TURKEYS…. yep…


Most people have a fear, for some people it is spiders or snakes, or bugs in general. For me, my greatest fear is TURKEYS… So when I was innocently out on my morning walk not too long ago I came across a swarm (yes I am calling a group of turkeys a swarm), and it scared the daylights out me. So I realised that I was facing my greatest fear of turkeys… Naturally I had to Snapchat it. I don’t know where the phobia came from, but I can’t even look at pictured of turkeys without feeling nauseous… It’s bad. My family think it is hilarious and now they know my secret send me photos all the time. It’s the big buggers that are the worst… I was going to find a photo to use as my feature image but I just could not bear to look. Where I live backs onto bushland which is wonderful as I love nature. But do you know what else loves Nature… Turkeys! Bush Turkeys! So everyone now and again they will cross my path and it is my nightmare… I mainly just run and ok, I will admit it sometimes I squeal and run… So, considering I am one for the people I thought I would share my story, I hope this brightens your day.

Check out the video to see how the scary event unfolded….

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With Love,

miss chew

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