What are the Health Benefits of Being Vegan?


When I decided to shift my diet to being plant based, it was purely for health reasons. I realised my body, whilst not having a gallbladder anymore, really struggled to breakdown the animal products. What I didn’t realise is that the health benefits of being vegan would be much larger than I could have possibly imagined. So what started off as being something purely designed for my health grew to something much more life changing than I could have realised.

My Skin became brighter, clearer.
My digestion improved really dramatically.
My bloating decreased, which I really appreciated.
I definitely saw Weight loss, my diet was heavy in plants.
I just felt lighter, having less heavy meals really helped as well.
More energy and needing less coffee.
My hair became so healthy, shiny and grows like crazy, I get comments on my hair all the time.
My eyes became brighter.
I became more creative in the kitchen with different herbs and spices in my meals.
I actually found my food budget decreased, as I realised meat is actually really expensive as compared to beans and lentils

Whilst I did lose weight, there is a word of caution here, that it is easy in the beginning to not be able to think about what you can eat, so often your brain goes “oooh carbs”. This is where careful planning and education comes in handy and can ensure you start off on the right food. I really believe, you need to do a lot of personal research before you make the switch. I read books such as Main Street Vegan and Eating Animals, as well as a lot of online research in terms of what type of nutritional supplements I would need to help me make sure I was getting all the essentials. This also helped me with ideas of meals and the basics I could quickly and easily prepare.

So whilst I will never tell anyone what to eat or not to eat, I do strongly believe in a diet heavy in plants is very beneficial for everyone.

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Have you tried switching to plant based? What changes did you notice?

With love,

miss chew

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