What to pack for hospital- Tips to make you more comfortable.


Hospital stay may not be fun, but at time it is necessary. There are however, things you can pack to make your stay more pleasant. I recently had to go in for surgery for my endometriosis which I will be also blogging about but when I was packing for what I knew was going to be an overnight stay I wanted to make sure I would be comfortable. It turned out that what I packed really came in handy and helped my stay a lot. So I thought I would share my list with you.

  • Eye mask- This is my number 1, mainly because I sleep with one on every night anyway but it does block out the crazy bright lights of a hospital.
  • Ear plugs- These to me are essential as I’m such a light sleeper and hospital constantly have beeping sounds and possibly someone snoring off the in the distance. It’s hard enough to sleep if your in pain, but this makes it a little easier.
  • Face oil- I always love an organic rose hip which I apply liberally as my skin can dry out a lot with the air conditioning.
  • Wet wipes- when you are post surgery you might be too sore to have a shower straight away, so being able to freshen up just makes me feel better within myself.
  • Roll on deodorant- I personally only use natural roll on deodorants anyway, but I find that laying in bed most of the day again, just feeling fresh, helps me feel more human.
  • Hand cream
  • Moisturisers in general really anything to nourish your dry skin.
  • Lip balm same goes.
  • Slippers- these are important when going to and from the bathroom and walking around the ward whilst you learn to regain your strength.
  • Thongs/flip flops- for when you shower, no one wants to actually touch hospital shower floors right? Or is that just me?
  • Hair bands/ brush- I know after my surgery and recovery my hair was a mane, it was nice to give it a brush then put it up in a high bun so it didn’t dig into the back of my head whilst I rested.
  • Charger- clearly important to keep in contact with loved ones, pass time on social media or watch Netflix. I was wide awake at 4am and Netflix was my saviour.
  • Book- if your attention can hold it, preferably easy to read fiction.
  • Blue light blocking glasses- these help block out the harsh bright blue lights from all the lights of the hospital. They also help you to get to sleep faster.
  • Comfy loose PJ’s- comfort is king in hospital, think loose, soft materials.
  • Silk robe- this was a god send post surgery when I was wearing my hospital whites and I needed to get up and use the bathroom, to be able to just pop it over me and risk over exposure was so handy.
  • Toothbrush toothpaste to freshen up.
  • Portable charger for you phone- just in case to charge your phone is far away, it’s easiest to stay charged this way.

So that is what I packed. Let me know what you think? Do you have any other suggestions?

With Love,

miss chew xx

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