How to Relax and press the pause button on your busy life.


How do I relax? It is a question so simple, and seems so obvious yet up until recently, if I actually thought about it, I wasn’t doing anything to relax. No wonder I felt so stressed all the time. I was never actually switching off. My version of switching off was turning on Netflix or catching up on Snapchat, which on retrospect is hardly relaxing at all. This simple, yet obvious step was completely missing from my life. I like to preach a life of balance, yet I was not living this step for myself. I knew I had this had to change, yet I had no idea where to begin…

So, I thought to myself, what do I like to do? Also when do I have the time? For so many of us we think we have “no time” yet if I thought about it, I realised I was watching 2-3 episodes of a TV show a night which was actually quite a lot of mind numbing time, when I could spend it relaxing and reinvigorating myself. I also realised that I do love my mornings, I love not being rushed, so I don’t mind getting up a bit earlier. So I began to do morning walks, as many days as possible, I tried to aim for 4-5 and I felt so much better for it. Being out in the sunshine, getting my heart and body pumping really helped me feel relaxed and refreshed ready to tackle the day.

But what about the night time? This is where my meditation group came in. Someone I was talking to happen to casually mention about attending a meditation group and I really like the idea of being a part of a group like that. I am rather hopeless at trying to sit still and not getting sidetracked when I am at home (I know, it is something I am working on), so this idea really appealed to me. A quick little Google search revealed a place not too far from me where they held Meditation Groups on Wednesday night. So I have been a part of this group since the beginning of the year and it has made Tuesday nights something I really look forward to. I call them my spiritual nights. I will talk more about the actual Meditation group another time, but for now what I want you to think about is a designated night for you time. Pencil it in the diary, put a weekly reminder, this is your time, to switch off and do something that nourishes your soul.

I thought I would provide you with some suggestions to get your started:

  • Run yourself a bath, light candles, put relaxing music on and read a book, and you must stay in the bath a minimum 30 minutes.
  • Again with dim lights, or candles, have a nice hot shower then put on a Youtube yoga video on and really stretch and love yourself, in this moment, really taking the time to love your body.
  • Go for a nice long night time walk, if your area is safe and well lit, put on an audio book, or podcast and relax.

You can always start nice and easy by making a cup of tea and reading in bed.

Are you starting to see my trend here?

For me it’s meditating, it’s reconnecting with myself and the universe, (cheesy I know) but I come out of the meditation with such a depth of clarity of my current life situation that I feel so much more empowered to face the week ahead. Another tip is to fit this night in early in the week before the week gets too hectic and time/ excuses run away with you.

I really think that it is important to ask yourself, “what do I do to relax?” and be honest with yourself, if you cannot think of one thing that you do on a regular basis, I think it is really important to change this now! Trust me, your body and soul will thank you.

I hope this helps,

With Love,

Miss chew

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  • I definitely need to take these suggestions! With working full-time and blogging in between, I never seem to have any time to just relax.

    I think tonight I’ll just curl up in bed with a cup of tea and a book!

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  • Phaytea’s Pulse

    I see what you mean…I do a lot of watching tv and catching up on social media…but I guess that’s really not how to relax…lovely read

  • Bonnie Laura

    I love this post so much! I feel like it is so relevant for me right now. I love the idea of the meditation classes as I also find it hard to motivate myself at home and get fidgety. Xx

  • Great post! After a busy day at work I tend to lye on the sofa and watch tv but at weekends I love going for a long walk.

  • jiashengyeap

    So relaxing reading your post after a long day in school. Thanks!!

  • Kanishka Acharya

    I should really be asking this to myself? I need more relaxing time …your post is an inspiration?

  • So far so Sabine

    Do you know the meditation app “headspace”? This works for me!

  • Wow! Your post literally inspired me to switch off my digital life and have a relaxing time. 🙂


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