How to get rid of your cold FAST


So you have woken up and your throat is killing, it feels like you are swallowing razor blades and your whole body feels achy and your nose is blocked then you remember how everyone at work has been getting a cold and you realise… you are next…. Oh no!! What do you do?

I hate getting sick, ain’t nobody got time for that… so I take a very aggressive approach to getting better as fast as possible as if anything I am only usually sick for a couple of days and then I am on the mend. I thought I would share with you my prescription which I have given many friends and family to get better fast.

First off you need to discover Sambucol. This magic purple liquid will be your new best friend. Sambucol is from the plant Sambucus nigra or Black elderberry and (tastes like Ribena berry) and has been shown to clinically shorten the life of your cold. It actually inhibits the viruses from replicating in your body as we should all know a cold is a virus, which is why antibiotics do not work. Sambucol works the best when you get onto it within the first 48hours of getting sick.

So first off you need to get this product, I use the liquid bottle, which you can get from most chemists now and it is really important for this to work effectively you need to get on to this within the first 48 hours of you getting sick, I try within the first 24 hours. Then I take a swig of the bottle about 4 times a day, I carry it around like a juice box. It is the best thing I get!

Next I get Vitamin C and I get the 1,000mg supplements. Vitamin C is your other best friend due to its immune enhancing and anti-viral properties and it really make a big different to our immune status. When it comes to vitamins you either have fat soluble or water soluble vitamins, this relates to how the vitamins are broken down in your body. Water soluble vitamins means they are broken down and excreted in your urine and will not build up in your body, so you will just excrete it which means you cannot overdose on the vitamin C. Fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, F and K need the presence of fat to break them down, but they also get stored in your body, so these you need to be careful with. That’s why when you have your multivitamin for example, you should have it with food. Back to vitamin C I would suggest you have 2,000-3,000mg every 4 hours whilst you are not feeling well, especially in the beginning.

Otherwise, having foods rich in colourful vegetables and fruits as well as hot lemon tea drinks with honey, if that’s your thing will really help to give you loads of nutrients. I cannot get enough hot lemon water.

And lastly, water, water, water! You need to keep up the fluids to flush out the toxins in your body!

Good luck and rest up!

Do you have any other tips you find works?

With love,

Miss chew


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