How to relax & get over a really shitty day FAST


You may have to excuse my french on this one, whilst I may not have had a shitty day as I write this post, there have been many shitty days, and well in my opinion they shouldn’t have to end that way. I truly believe that it is in our power to shift our state, move our energy from being negative Nancy to positive Sally. I know there are going to be really god-awful unforeseen times, I truly get that, but for majority of the time, I call bull shit that you have to live that way.
See it’s all about energy, so to change your state, i.e. having a shitty day you need to change your energy, literally this can be physical actions you take which put you in a much better mindset for the rest of the night, and even maybe coming days.
I know I personally have a tendency to be a shocker when it comes to sleep, as soon as I am stressed or upset the first that thing that goes is sleep. This is why, for me this is even more important to implement the second I get home.
So without further ado…

Here is my guide of how to relax and get over your shitty day FAST!

Before I put my plan into action I work out with myself what is causing this crappy day? Am I stressed about college, work, crazy bugs going around the office which I feel like something is coming on? Stressed about money? When you work out the cause that is the first step of working out the solution.

1. The second I walk in the door I put on my diffuser and my heater (It is Winter here in Australia and my apartment is freezing. I cannot relax whilst I am freezing). If I am feeling gross from public transport with everyone coughing or if there is a bug going around at work, then I diffuse On Guard, it not only smells like mulled wine but also kills off any germs I may have brought home with me. If I am feeling stressed I diffuse lavender which really calms me down. I diffuse this in my bedroom before sleep too.

2. Then next I jump in the shower before I do anything else. When I get in the shower I grab my trusty Lavender essential oil and tip a few drops to the base of my shower. Away from where I am standing, but as the shower heats up, the steam causing the scent to drift up and surround you, and as you take in deep breaths I can feel my worries slip away.

3. When out of the shower I slather myself in a rich moisturiser, from head to toe, whilst listening to either happy dance music or chilled relaxing music to mellow me out.
put on my absolute favourite pj’s, depending on my mood these will either be my fancy ones or my super comfy daggy ones. Comfort is king.

4. Whilst continuing the music I then cook a delicious meal, pour myself a wine or a tea whatever takes your fancy but this night is about you.

5. Whilst in the kitchen I continue the music trend to have a good boogie whilst I cook, honestly if you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy you know that any mood can be lifted by dancing it out. True Story.

6. Until each of these steps are done and you are sitting down to a delicious meal or have at least got to step 4 I check no emails, no Facebook or social media.

I really think that we CAN change our state, but to do that we have to get back to you, shut out the shitty outside world for a moment and do stuff that makes you happy, stuff that involves moving your body to move your energy. That is why the shower and dance off works so well for me, it literally cleanses my body and then soothes my soul. I am guaranteed to be in a better mood after it. When you are not in a good space social media is literally the WORST thing for you, unless it’s YouTube videos of funny animals.

Does this makes sense? Your mood is in your control, now whilst it may not entirely get rid of the problem causing you stress it really can lighten your mood and hey, even make you smile, all of which is guaranteed to make you feel better.

When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead- Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.

I wrote another post about why the mental side to weight loss is the hardest which I also think ties in well, you can read it here.

I want you to create a list, what are all the most fun or relaxing things you can do at home, think about it, jot it down and then when you are in this space you have this list to turn to to turn that frown upside down. I know this may not be groundbreaking information but sometimes we all need gentle reminders to put us back on the right path and help us remember we have the power. I really hope this helps, I know it helps me.

You can read my post on my love for Frankincense oil here.

If you would like to find out how you can get hold of some of these amazing oils you either email me at or you can check out my team’s Facebook page and learn how you can be a part of our The Holistic Oil Collective. This is going to be the place where you can learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday lives. My goal and dream is for essential oils to be in everyone’s home!

When it comes to what brand essential oils I use, I only ever use and recommend doTERRA essential oils. In my opinion, these are the highest grade and quality, other oils contain fillers and I do not trust to put them in or on my body. I always do need to say at the end of any of my posts about doTERRA essential oils, is that the oils themselves are Certified Therapeutic Graded Oils and they do say that are safe to consume BUT as I am going to be a qualified Naturopath I am not able to officially recommend you consume them. I know I personally do but this is just something I need to mention each time I mention the oils. So please use them at your own discretion.

Do you have a list like this? Would this be helpful to you?

With Love,

miss chew

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