My Morning Routine- Practical steps to add Mindfulness and gratitude to start your day


I love hearing about peoples morning routines, I find it fascinating. I am most definitely a morning person. Waking up early, I get so much accomplished, I feel calm and ready for the day ahead. I think my routine centres around the pratice of mindfulness. My routine is pretty much the same, especially week days, yes it does take a while, but to get an early night and to wake up that little bit earlier, to me is worth it. I know some people, my partner included, roll out of bed, into shower, get changed and out the door they go. I have been there, done that, and you know what? This is just not me, those days I am more stressed, anxious, snappy, and tired, I knew I needed a change.
So currently this is where I am…

First thing when I wake I have a green tea, which has been brewing from the night before, topped with boiling water to warm it, (green tea is great at speeding up metabolism, so is good for fat loss), with fresh lemon squeezed in and 2g of L-carnitine (again fat loss).

Then I head out for a 45-minute power walk to start my day. Walking in the morning is my moving meditation, I love to be out in nature, out in the sunshine, it really is a great feeling to move my body first thing in the day.

When I return home I make another tea, quite often this is dandelion tea, which is great to kick-start my liver and I sit down at my desk with my tea and light a beautifully smelling candle.

I have 2 diaries which I then start filling in whilst listening to nature sounds, music. The first is a gratitude journal, I write 3 things every day I am grateful for, sometimes these come easily, other days I really have to think, but this evaluation when I am not feeling that great, really helps put my life into perspective.

Then my other actual journal I journal one positive experience from the last 24 hours. Thinking again of something positive focuses on the good, helps you to relive a positive experience and sets you off on a positive note as you start your day. All whilst sipping my tea.

Then I sit for a few minutes, eyes closed and meditate, practising mindfulness and sometimes holding different crystals and taking a few deep breaths, and voila I am ready to start my day!
Then I eat!

How do you start your day?

With Love,

miss chew

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