Reduce waste my top 10 tips to wage the War on Waste


How do you reduce waste? The war on waste, it is a thing, I love that collectively there seems to be more and more people that are actively taking steps to reduce their waste. Some people are absolute legends at it and can get their whole household waste down to the contents of one jar. I know to get to that level you need ultra ninja like planning to get to that point and it can seem really overwhelming. I do, however really think there are many small steps you can take day-to-day to reduce your impact you are leaving on the world. What it comes down to is planning, being organised and getting a little creative.

Here are my 10 top tips: 

  1. Take a travel mug– this is probably the most obvious option. I bring a coffee thermos with me, pretty much where ever I go. Take away coffee cups is one of our biggest waste problems.
  2. Do not ask for a straw– this one took me a little while to get used to. When I go out, this is generally a night time waste reduction strategy, but if I have a drink I used to always have a straw, now I ask to not have one.
  3. Do not use small plastic bags for fruit and vegetables- this one again took me a little while, I used to get my apples, say and put them in one of those smaller bags, now I just don’t bother and let them hang loose in my shopping, it really doesn’t bother me.
  4. Bring shopping bags in general for your shopping needs. When I do a big food shop weekly I bring a shopping trolley, such a lifesaver on my arms.
  5. Buy in bulk– think big bags of rice, lentils, flour, all the staples. I store mine in glass jars I have recycled from my coffee or sauce jars.
  6. Carry reusable glass water bottles this is another I have done for years, I either use a Big Bottle Co water bottle when I go walking or go to the gym or I carry a beautiful glass water bottle to carry in my handbag. I never buy plastic bottles when I am out, this to me is another huge waste, which can easily be avoided. Just make sure you preferably get glass or as a second a BPA plastic free bottle.
  7. Avoid individually wrapped items like snack packs, this is more for children’s lunches, thinking about chip packets, or pre cut carrots in little bags. Guys, really, we just need to think and plan ahead, a little meal prep and we can carry these with us in containers.
  8. Reduce paper by converting your bills to online version to reduce mail, honestly my phone bill would arrive and by 5 pages, I know I am on the phone a lot, but it was a lot of waste.
  9. Bring your own containers to take-away restaurants. Ok I realise this one might take a bit of courage and may make you feel uncomfortable but think of it at first as you are out to dinner and want to take a doggy bag home, but you have brought your own doggy bag… Think about the end goal, to reduce waste.
  10. Bring your meals to work for lunch- I hope you all realise that for one thing, buying your lunch out everyday is so expensive, and for another thing, if you meal prep your meals ahead of time, you not only save yourself money but also time.

So here are the top tips that first spring to mind. I know there are many website dedicated to so many incredibly inventive ideas. I am sure I will continually update this post.

I really hope this post makes you stop and think about what you can do day to day to reduce waste, together if we all do our part we can really help make a difference.

What are your top tips to reduce waste? Is this a message that you feel strongly about as well?

With Love, and less waste,

miss chew


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