How to change the channel in your self talk to lead to self love


How much does everyone hate when the radio plays ads after ads? I know when I don’t like the station I change the channel. I happily admit it, I am a channel surfer, I want to listen to music that I like and that makes me feel good. Why do we not do this in our lives? Let me re-frame that, how can we apply this thinking to help us lead a more positive life and to change our self talk?
Did you know you can control your self talk, your self perception? You are not a slave to your emotions, it is possible given the right techniques in place and a little work, you can change the direction of your mood.
So how do you do this?
I want you to think of the negative, stressful, self hate thoughts as Shit FM, those messages (ads) in which you tell yourself you are too fat, unfit, not good enough, not pretty enough, not a good friend, not a good mother, daughter, and so much more. Stop, and think about it, what are the radio messages you are listening to? Even if you can not think of what you listen to now, maybe try to think about it over the next week.
Now I want you to search the airwaves for Happy FM, or Self Love FM, whatever you want to call it.

What messages would that radio station be giving you? Would it tell you, you are beautiful, you are fantastic just the way you are? You are doing a great job. You have a great butt, wouldn’t you want to listen to this radio station over Shit FM? I know I would.

So first step is to learn to acknowledge the bad radio station, this takes time, and practice, but when you realise you have switched onto that station, you know what to do, you switch the station and change your path. Now in the beginning this shit FM radio station might be loud, the ads are overbearing, but it does get easier.
Is this shitty radio station enjoyable? Hell no! So change it, if you are in the car, wouldn’t you rather have songs you love and can sing along to then non-stop ads? See how you hear your self talk is just the same. Yet why don’t we do it? Thinking of my self image, like this was like having my mind blown, I got it, it made sense to me. I think that is what is important, if you can make sense in an analogy which can have an impact on your well being then this is something you are more likely to incorporate into your everyday living. That is a big point I make with my friends, myself and my clients. Find something that works for you, and work with it. Health, wellness and the state of your mind if entirely unique to you, no one else, so you need to think trying to work out what you respond to.

I know you can do this and I would love for you to try this technique, this is a form of mindfulness which I practice daily.

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Does this make sense? Do you think this is something you could try?

Do you have any other techniques you use to try improve your self talk?

With love,

miss chew

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