Why I am doing a social media cleanse and why you should too


I love social media, well I am a blogger after all, but I am well aware of negative impact that social media can have on our perception of ourselves, both physically and mentally. Whilst on this health and wellness journey I too had thousands of pictures filling my news feed on Instagram of girls flaunting their abs or incredibly perky behinds in the hope to motivate and inspire me.

What I became to realise is that it was doing the exact opposite. I was comparing myself to them, wishing I had their bodies, their followers, their fame and glory, I know we all do it. But it needs to stop. We all need to focus on loving ourselves first. So one by one I unfollowed, if their post did not serve my greater good, they were no longer allowed to be in my feed. One by one the number of people I follow is slowly changing… It was liberating, I felt I was cutting ties with a part of society that was dictating how I should feel about myself and my self worth. Even though every day we are bombarded by a constant stream of data from around the world, ultimately we are in control of what we see. Did you hear me? Do I need to say this again, you are in control. Say it to yourself and see how good it feels.

So I want you to think small with social media, think quantity not quality. What I am passionate about it is us learning to really love ourselves, no matter our shape, size, appearance. I believe in having a healthy mind, body and spirit. You will hear me harping on about this in many, many blog posts.

What I want you to ask yourself as each picture pops up on Instagram; Is this person serving to help motivate, inspire or make my life better? If yes then move forward. But if that person makes you doubt yourself, whether it’s your thighs, butt, life, your goals, then click unfollow. It is that simple.

Fill your social media feed with all that makes you happy and smile, because if we are all going to be on social media as much as well, we continue to be, we may as well feel damn good about it!

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With love and kindness,

miss chew

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