Supermarket Tips and Traps for Weight loss


Going to the supermarket can be like entering a mind field sometimes. Throw in the fact you have had a long day at work, you are exhausted and hungry and have nothing in the fridge, sometimes that healthy salad you were going to make starts to not look so appetising. Then just as you go to leave you reach for a chocolate bar, as you should treat yo self, or a a little ice-cream you will have after dinner… We all know this story, I am sure we have all been there before. Without having supermarket tips in place you be forgiven for falling prey to the advertising and marketing.

The psychology behind supermarket product placement is a booming industry, everything is where it is in the store for a specific reason to help you want it, need it, and have to have it. Unfortunately this is not good for your waistline, this is where I come in to help.

Supermarket Tips:

  • Before you go to the Supermarket have a plan with the meals you are going to cook for the week and have a shopping list and only get what is on your list.
  • Pick and plan a day of the week which is your food shopping/ meal prep day and stick to it, plan nothing else on that day, that is your non-negotiable for the week.
  • Do not go hungry to the supermarket, it is much easier to stick to the plan this way.
  • Shop on outside aisles of the supermarket this is known to be the area where the fresh wholefood lies in the supermarket.
  • Shop without children if possible, it is best to try avoid any distractions.
  • Check the ingredients list on each item of food, within this plan the idea is to have fresh whole foods but if you do buy foods that are packaged, look for natural ingredients, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Can you go to local farmer’s markets to get fresh, local, organic produce instead?
  • To understand more about food labels, view this link:
  • This link has more practical understanding of food labels:

You can check out my post on the dirty dozen and clean fifteen to give you advice on what fruits and vegetables to buy organic here.

To take a sticky beak inside my fridge- you can look here.

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Do you have any other tips you can think of?

With love,

miss chew

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