Travel: Things to do in Noosa- Horse riding on the beach, ticking off my Bucket List


Do you have a bucketlist? I do, and I have been lucky enough to tick many of those items off that list when I travel, I will talk about this again at another date. Travel is so important to me, it ignites my soul. But one item I had yet to do was horse riding along the beach. I was lucky enough to have my own horse as a teenager and spent much of my time horse riding with my mum and my sister, but this was never something we did. I don’t know whether to blame Daryl Braithwraite or whether it is just every girls dream to ride amongst the waves¦ I knew it would be an experience I would never forget.

When we recently went to Noosa, my sister organised for us to go on a private horseride along the beach, for 1 hour on the most perfect sunny day. The company we rode with was called Equathon and I cannot begin to praise them enough. My sister when she spoke with them recalled that they asked her about our horse riding experience, to which she said we were familiar with riding horses, but we were more after a leisurely ride, which they were happy to accommodate.

When we arrived we were greeted by Emily, a lovely English girl who asked a bit more about our horse riding experience to be able to match us up with the perfect horse. I hadn’t been on a horse in years and I was to be the our photographer so I had the most chilled horse called Sandy. Each of the three beautiful mares were incredibly kind, well looked after gorgeous horses.

Once on our horses we followed Emily out to the beach and along we rode, through the soft sand, and the experience was everything I could have dreamed. To take in the waves, the horses, the ocean, everything was so calm, I felt so at peace, and it was so much FUN!

We rode along Noosa North Shore, along the whole stretch there was no one on the beach, it was just us. If you wanted to trot or canter, you would sign a paper before the ride and then there was time at the end. My sister, being the more courageous one had a great ride at the end. I was just happy to chill, taking everything in.

I really rekindled my love for horse riding again, the connection between yourself and your horse, is something that you do not forget.

If you travel to Noosa, I highly recommend getting in contact with Equathon.

Check out Equathon here.

Is riding horses on a beach on your bucket list too?

With Love,

miss chew

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