How I use my essential oils everyday and how you can too!


One of my main goals with this blog is all about education. I just love Essential oils, when I came across them it was like finding myself at home, something that made sense to me. My love, my energy and my source comes from Nature. Pure essential oils, I use doTERRA, come straight from nature and are increibly potent and effective. I would love if each and every one of you to be using essentials oils in your home, and I plan on converting each and everyone of you to become as obsessed as I am! Once you get stuck into the oils, trust me you become obsessed.
When you do get your oils it can be a little intimidating, I want you to love them and use them, so I thought I would give you a run down in a “day in the life” of me and my oils! This will just be the uses I can think of off the top of my head, although I am sure there are so many more.

– I start off my morning with hot water with a drop of two of Lemon essential oil- this wakes up my liver and digestion ready to start the day and flushes out my system. Plus we all get very dehydrated over night so this ensures I hydrate before I start eating or drinking.
– When I jump in the shower I put some drops in the bottom of the shower of lemon and peppermint, so that when the shower steams up the beautiful oils diffuse through the shower to really wake me up and I take some deep breaths and feel ready to tackle the day.
– If I am due to be at college all day I put the InTune focus blend on my wrists, behind my ears and take some deep breaths to help me concentrate on what I need to learn.
– Throughout the day I have Smart and Sassy which is the metabolic boost blend, which is like their weight loss blend, this blend is designed to speed up your metabolism, which will aid weight loss, plus if you are one that doesn’t like the taste of plain water then this is a winner for you. As an added bonus this blend as it deepens on actually smells like a perfume.
– When I head to the gym in the afternoon or after work, I roll on the Motivation blend, this really is my get up and go mix to make sure I get my butt to the gym and smash out a great workout.
-If I am feeling a little stuffy I inhale some of the Easy Air blend, to really open up my airways before I train also.
– When I going out for the day as a day perfume I often wear the Cheer blend, it is very light, citrus and happy blend.
-If I am going out of a night time, then I love Ylang ylang as my perfume. As these are oils as perfumes, they are very long lasting and pure.
– When I cook dinner, I often add in Lemon and Lime into my veggies, for a really strong flavour punch, as well as always ensuring I have fermented vegetables. And I often have mineral water with Lime too for a refreshing drink.
-When I come home from a long day and I get ready for bed, I diffuse Lavender and Frankincense, to ensure I go to sleep quickly and stay asleep.
– For my anti-ageing skin care routine, I use Lavender and Frankincense as well, such a powerhouse couple which you can read more about it below.

And that is pretty much a normal day… I told you, I really do use these oils, throughout my day. This is such a natural process for me, that I don’t even have to think about it, but the options are endless.

To read about my love affair with Lemon Essential Oil and how you can use it everyday click here.

To read about my anti-ageing routine using essential oils click here.

If you would like to find out how you can get hold of some of these amazing oils you either email me at or you can check out my team’s Facebook page and learn how you can be a part of our The Holistic Oil Collective. This is going to be the place where you can learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday lives. My goal and dream is for essential oils to be in everyone’s home!

When it comes to what brand essential oils I use, I only ever use and recommend doTERRA essential oils. In my opinion, these are the highest grade and quality, other oils contain fillers and I do not trust to put them in or on my body. I always do need to say at the end of any of my posts about doTERRA essential oils, is that the oils themselves are Certified Therapeutic Graded Oils and they do say that are safe to consume BUT as I am going to be a qualified Naturopath I am not able to officially recommend you consume them. I know I personally do but this is just something I need to mention each time I mention the oils. So please use them at your own discretion.

With Love,

miss chew

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