Video: Organic Supermarket Walk Through Episode 1


Going to an Organic Supermarket is my happy place. To be surrounded my such beautiful smelling produce, so rich in colour, with each piece of vegetables lumps, bumps and all on display, not genetically engineered to precision makes me happy. A big part of what I want to do here at is to educate, motivate and inspire you to live the healthiest life. I really feel strongly about making the switch to an organic, non-toxic way of life and I want to be able to help you feel empowered to make that transition as well. For me, knowledge is power. So this is why I am going to do a series of supermarket guided tours. Sometimes these will be in organic supermarkets sometimes in the large chain supermarkets to try help you understand their food labels and what to watch out for. I think there is often a misconception that organic food is smaller and not as attractive, well watch this video to see the size of some of the garlic and onions, holy moly! I really hope you can get from this video just how passionate about this topic I truly am. Enjoy!!

I wish this could have been longer and I could have talked more but I happened to choose a time when it was really busy, whoops! I promise next time I will go when it is quieter. I think I have so much I can offer to share with you all. Each video I aim to get better and better, this was sort of done off the cuff. I just got really excited and decided I wanted to show you all everything!
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Do you shop at an organic supermarket and can you tell the difference? Would you consider shopping at one?

To see where your nearest About Life Organic Supermarket is you can view their website here.

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