What’s inside my Fridge: YouTube Video, check out what I eat!


The other morning I went to get out my food I had prepared for the day when I stopped and had a little moment of appreciation about all the beautiful organic, healthy foods that were in my fridge. So in a way that some people like to peep inside how other people live I thought I would give you a little tour. You can view the YouTube video link below. Check out what’s inside my fridge…

In my fridge at the moment because it’s Winter, I always have my lunches prepped and I have been having a rotating soup, which I heat up on the stove and put in a Thermos to take with as my snack for the day.

You can view the current soup recipe here.

So what are my standard items I always keep stocked in my fridge?

Fermented Vegetables like a sauerkraut or Kimchi.
Fermented Cashew cheese I make myself
Gluten Free Soy sauce
Supplements/Herbs I am currently taking
Green vegetables

As you can gather, it’s all very gut friendly foods and nice and healthy.

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With Love,

miss chew


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