YouTube Video- My Organic Vegetable Gardening Haul


Organic Vegetable Gardening is such a passion of mine. When surrounded by nature I am at my absolute happiness, I think my passion for organic vegetables, plants and all things nature is really clear. This is the start of me publishing a lot more content on YouTube. I just love gardening and playing with plants, I think there is a deep respect I have for nature especially when it is organic, so no nasty toxins. I was happy as a pig in mud and I think you can tell. I also give some information on some medicinal plants which I find in the garden as well.
I cannot wait to have a garden like this of my own one day. Right now I don’t even have a balcony, so I really truly do think I appreciate it even more.
So here is me in the feature image, with no make up, in daggy clothes, totally blissed out among the plants! Because when I am truly happy in my element that is when I really do feel my most beautiful.

I really intend on building on my YouTube channel with a lot more content, as I think we are all turning into such visual creatures and let’s be honest, I love to talk!
I have another one coming soon about making Fermented Cashew Cheese- Yummo!
I would really appreciate if you can give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel too.
Let me know if there is anything in particular you are wanting to learn about and I will keep it in mind for future videos.
I am so excited for this next stage in my business.

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